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UAE is an amazing beautiful place, with lots of interesting life styles, great property, lots of the new world wonders, and more....
Many bloggers have done a great blogs all about UAE, we would like to promote these blogs in one place , so everyone can explore them easily and spread information all among us.

All bloggers in UAE, Attention PLEASE.....

Do you have a blog about UAE (any Emirate) or your writing one while you are in UAE, about any subject, you are welcome to join our list, please drop us an email and choose UAE Blogs project tell us about your blog including the link, so we can post it in our Blogs page (No Sign up required), soon we will have a list full of resources and information about UAE that may cover most of the questions in mind plus finding a good stories and pictures all over the UAE.

Please help us to build this list from scratch by posting a link to this page ( so we can get as much as possible bloggers.

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-(German spoken) Blog about UAE / Abu Dhabi
-Apples to Apples
-EMKWAN TV - vlogs from Abu Dhabi & Dubai
-Journey by caravan
-Emirates Diary
-anexpatabroad, Sun, sand and sea.tales from the life of a British expat in the UAE
-Abu Dhabi Days, Life in the sunshine
-About UAE, From travel, living, destinations to businesses
-The middle class Abu Dhabi expat
-Abu Dhabi daily photograph
- Sitharasethumadhavan's Blog
-Yabba Abu Dhabi
-A Pilgrim's Perceptions, from Abu Dhabi
-Financialuae's Blog , Financial advice for real people by real people.
-Meals in Abu Dhabi (Warning : Do not browse on an empty stomach!)
-Grape Shisha
-SOURAH ....The Picture (Beautiful shots around Abu Dhabi)
-Dubai Sunshine
-Bss & Brn in Al Ain
-Al Ain,The Garden City of UAE
-Aussie in Al Ain
-Thoughts From Dubai
-Emirates Update
-Marthasamuel’s Blog

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