What is Abu Dhabi police good conduct certificate?

Good conduct certificate Or Criminal Clearance Certificate.

Through this service individuals can apply for a certificate of good conduct from Abu Dhabi Police.

To apply for clearance or good conduct certificate you have two options:

1- Apply online (You should have Emirates ID) to apply click here
Steps to apply online:
A-Processing your application and notifying you by sms in case your application status (approved, rejected, etc)

B- After approving your application you can obtain your certificate from the following centers.

2- Apply in the Department of criminal evidence:

Applying from inside UAE
Required documents:

- Emirates ID card
- Passport photo copy
- An official letter from the agency that requests this certificate
- Fees: 50dhs for certification +15 dhs fee of delivery certificate by Empost
- Extra fee: 100 DHs for accreditation and translation to English

Applying from outside UAE
Required documents:
- Getting the finger print from police department and attested from UAE embassy where the applicant lives
- Passport photo copy of applicant with previous visa
- The application should be sent to Abu Dhabi police head quarter P.O 253 finger print department.
- The certificate will be sent through air mail to the applicant.
Arabic language certificate cost 80 AED (50 certificate fee + 30 DHs fee of fast mail)
100 DHs Extra fee for accreditation and translation to English.

For more enquires please call :0097124194521

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