Mawaqif is a comprehensive and integrated program for the management of parking in the UAE Capital, Abu Dhabi. The Department of Transport (DoT) introduced Mawaqif as part of its strategic plan to find the best possible solutions for transport and traffic-related issues, in particular parking.

The parking management program provides a sustainable solution aimed at ensuring a greener, more accessible and less congested city. This initiative supports Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 and the Department of Transport’s plans to place Abu Dhabi as one of the leading world capitals with regards to focusing on mobility, connectivity and transport.
Mawaqif is the result of a strategic partnership and coordination between DoT, Abu Dhabi Municipality, Abu Dhabi Police HQ and the Urban Planning Council.

Application for resident permits in regulated parking areas
In order to obtain a resident permit you need to fill up the form on this link and attache the below documents and submit it to Mawaqif Customer service offices:
• Tenancy contract/ownership contract
• Electricity bills for the last three months
• Copy of passport/identity and copy of the visa for expatriates
• Letter from the landlord stating tenants’ details and the tenancy duration
• Copy of the vehicle registration
• Official documents/papers (passport or marriage certificate)
• Proof of affiliates of first degree relationship (husband, wife, mother, father, children) to applicant

Customer Service Centers location and timing

Location Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Hamdan Street 7am to 9pm 7am to 9pm 7am to 9pm 7am to 9pm 7am to 9pm 7am to 9pm 5 pm to 9pm
Marina Mall closed 7:30am to 6pm 7:30am to 6pm 7:30am to 6pm 7:30am to 6pm 7:30am to 6pm closed
Central Market 7:30am to 11pm 7:30am to 10pm 7:30am to 10pm 7:30am to 10pm 7:30am to 10pm 7:30am to 11pm 10am to 10pm
Muror 7am to 9am 7am to 9am 7am to 9am 7am to 9am 7am to 9am 7am to 9am closed

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Background Notes
* The Department of Transport (DoT):
"DoT" was established pursuant to law No. 4 of year 2006, amended by law No.5 of year 2008 to cover the entire value chain and ensure fully coordinated planning in all aspects of transport policy and development in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in cooperation with all relevant local, regional and international stakeholders and partners.

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