How to find the ideal Storage Unit in Abu Dhabi

Are you in search of a storage unit in Abu Dhabi to safely store your belongings in? Find out everything you need to know about the different storage types, where to find them and their price ranges here.
The majority of Abu Dhabi storage companies are located in Mussafah and in the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD). There are three types of storages available in these Abu Dhabi areas - open storage, private storage and cold storage. Open storage and private storage units are available as air-conditioned spaces, as well as without any climate control.

Open storage: Open storage is a spacious warehouse in which numerous storage spaces, without any physical barriers, are rented out by the storage company. As a result your belongings are accessible to every person who rents a unit in this facility as well. The open storage’s advantage clearly is the price - with a monthly rent of AED 45 - 60 per cubic meter, open storage without air conditioner is the least cost-intensive storage type. Depending on the heat sensitivity of items you wish to store, you may decide for a climate controlled space, which costs AED 60 and up per cubic meter.

Private storage: Small items and valuable possessions, e.g. jewelry, clothes or important documents, that could be easily taken by a third person in an open storage, are better preserved in a private storage unit, since these can be locked and therefore are much safer. A self storage unit in Abu Dhabi comes at costs around AED 20 and up per square foot and requires a minimum of X square feet to rent - therefore you should expect monthly charges of AED 500 and up.

Cold Storage: Perishable items, e.g. food, require temperatures below the ones inclimate controlled storage units - these items need to be stored in cold storage. Within a cold storage space is a range of temperatures, so you can store different kinds of food, which require different temperatures, in the same unit.

In case you are not sure which storage type would be the best fit for your needs, view different storage facilities in Abu Dhabi and ask for consultation, as well as price quotes. Make your decision based on the price quotes and customer reviews, which can be found online, so you can be sure to get the best possible service.

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