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Are you starting to feel like something is missing in your home? Are you considering investing in some new furniture or even moving to a new place in Abu Dhabi? Before you go through all that trouble and spend large amounts of money on new things, have a look at your walls. Your walls are probably some shade of white and despite any decor you may have on the walls, the dullness of the walls is starting to affect you.

We know painting your home feels like a huge commitment especially if you’re renting it, because you’ll have to paint it back to white when you move out. What we don’t realize is that we’ll need to pay anyway especially if we’ve drilled holes in the walls to put up shelves or photo frames or any marks on the walls. So why not turn the house into your home?

A paint job will completely transform your house, and it won’t burn a hole in your pocket - we guarantee it! The little investment will have huge returns, and we’re here to tell you what you need to think about to get an idea of what the cost of painting your Abu Dhabi home will be. Factors such as the type of paint, color of the paint, number of coats required, number of painters, and the size of the area will all affect the final price for painting your home. Also, if you require decorative painting, then that will need to be factored in as well.

Based on the quotes has collected for standard white, one coat, and no ceiling painting, we’ve been able to create an average pricing list of how much it costs for residential interior painting in Abu Dhabi:
Painting for a studio: AED 700 - 1100
Painting for a 1 bedroom apartment: AED 1200 - 1600
Painting for a 2 bedroom apartment: AED 1400 - 2000
Painting for a 3 bedroom apartment: AED 1800 - 2500

If you’re looking for painting quotes, go to and you’ll receive quotes from multiple painting companies in Abu Dhabi. right away! You’ll then have the opportunity to compare prices, reviews, and any special offers the companies may be offering to clients.

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