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General information on Abu Dhabi - Capital of UAE
Abu Dhabi is the capital and the largest of the seven Emirates. Its naturally desert climate and its convenient location in the Arabian Gulf has endowed it with warm seas and cosy beaches. Its
long coastline - the shallow waters of the Southern Gulf, extending from the base of the Qatar Peninsula in the west to the border of the Emirate of Dubai on the North East, was once the world’s best waters for pearling. Then, oil discovery in the offshore oilfields of the Southern Gulf revived the economy of Abu Dhabi.
Now Abu Dhabi is one of the most modern and richest cities in the world. The architecture of its modern buildings and sky scrapers is the finest in the Middle East. Abu Dhabi is one of the safest tourist destinations worldwide. Abu Dhabi city provides to tourist large gardens and parks, green boulevards lining all the streets and roads, sophisticated high rise buildings, state of art communication services and transport, the presence of all international luxury hotel chains, rich
shopping malls and cultural centers.
On the land, Abu Dhabi stretches South to the Oasis of Liwa where some of the world’s largest sand dunes can be found and East to the ancient Oasis of Al Ain.

Activities in Abu Dhabi
This modern city where you can experience an unlimited sun, sand, sports and shopping has a whole range of exciting activities as it seems like an endless paradise of fun.
Activities range from shopping in Mall where there are shopping festivals in March of each year to shopping in the supermarket shops to haggling in the souk market bargaining for best prices of gold, traveling in an air conditioned limousine to riding a camel in the desert, dining in five star luxury to sampling Bedouin hospitality under the night sky to skiing in the sand dunes. Whatever choice you make, it will surely be an experience of a life time.

Arab is the native language and English is the most common language used.

Weather in Abu Dhabi
Summer (May- September) is quite hot temperature peaking at 50 C? and high humidity levels and with rainy season being totally negligible. In the Southerly and Northerly winds blow over the
UAE with occasional sand storms. Moderate climate (October – April) days are sunny and pleasant with an average temperature of
25 C?. Nights are cool with an average temperature of 15 C?.

UAE Currency
The local currency is the UAE Dirhams, with a steady exchange rate of
1 $US = 3.671 Dh. UAE Dirhams
All major credit cards are accepted in most establishments, including hotels, restaurants and shops.

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