7 tips to remember when moving internationally from Abu Dhabi

Decision time. The expat life means that sooner or later, another international destination will come calling and the arduous process of setting up home in a new city will be inevitable. Debts to clear, service accounts to close, moving companies, the goodbyes - Difficult, right? This MoveSouq.com guide will be helpful to expats in Abu Dhabi to wade through the murky waters of international relocation.

Step 1: Organise your property:It is necessary for one to organise all their properties into three important lists – What to sell, what to ship and what to dispose. This should be done as soon as the decision to move has been made.
Tip:Selling a car might be the trickiest and should be done early to negotiate a good sale price. Next, a yard sale just a few weeks to the moving date would be appropriate for the household items followed by a donation and disposal of the unusable items. Last process should be the shipping list and sorting everything out for packaging. Remember to check the shipping taxes and laws of the country you are moving to.

Step 2: Book an international moving company:Once a moving date and a rough idea of what needs to be shipped is fixed, it’s necessary to book an international moving company early. Last minute bookings can result to disappointments or even affect the mover’s budget.
Tip:The mover should take their time and request for quotes from verified international movers in Abu Dhabi at MoveSouq.com, check the reviews from other customers and compare prices. Once a preferred company is settled on, they should make a booking and keep the company informed as the preparations progress. In case of any problems, Movesouq.com customer service can guide one through the process.

Step 3: Tie up financial commitments:The law requires expats to finalize and close any commitments they have with financing institutions. These include bank accounts, loans and credit cards.
Tip:The expat should talk to their banker to shed more light on the process and the period required to clear with them; this should be done as soon as the relocation plan comes up.

Step 4: Cancel housing contract: Legally, a notice period to a landlord in Abu Dhabi is 2 months. Should this not be possible, it is important to talk to the landlord and come up with an agreeable plan. It is important to make sure that any deposit amount paid beforehand is refunded in full.
Tip: One should re-read their housing contract to ensure that they have checked everything in time, done paint jobs and repairs if required and paid any pending bills.

Step 5: Close contracts with service providers: Contracts such as tenancy, insurance, internet service, cable television, phone services, cleaning services, car rentals, equipment hire among others should be closed as per agreement with the provider.
Tip: Some local service providers require a notice period to ensure that a customer does not incur financial costs relating to abrupt termination of services.

Step 6: Visa cancellation and End of service benefits: Depending on the sponsorship arrangement, one should cancel their visa in time before making the move. End of service benefits are usually held by employers until this is done and should therefore not be delayed.
Tip: The government offers expats 30 days after visa cancellation to tie up their responsibilities in the country.

Step 7: Final Checklist: One might need a few days after releasing their old home to the landlord and all their household items are shipped out. It is necessary to plan where to stay for the last few days. Here’s a short checklist of other issues to confirm:
* Collect your medical records from your doctor
* Pack your valuables and personal effects
* Book flights
* Book a hotel to stay for the last days in Abu Dhabi
* Organize a farewell party
* Return your rented car
For any help you may need give MoveSouq.com a call or visit their site and they’ll help connect you to all service providers you may need to hire through this moving process.

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