10 things you need to remember when moving homes in Abu Dhabi

Moving from one house to the next in Abu Dhabi is a legally regulated process and we have prepared a checklist to ensure that the process runs smoothly for anyone looking to change homes.

1. Book a moving company: There is a lot of heavy lifting involved when moving and nobody really wants to pack stuff in their car trunk to move it back and forth. A good starting point is to contact MoveSouq.com to help you get five quotes from different moving companies in Abu Dhabi, which you will receive within 24 hours from the time you submitted your request. Based upon the quotes, customer ratings, and reviews, you can select your preferred company. Be sure to make arrangements with them regarding dates, time and load expected should be made at least a week or two before the moving date.

2. Transfer Etisalat or Cable Television: You should take care of internet service connection, phone and television from Etisalat or other cable service providers such as OSN. Good news is, there is no need to cancel these, transferring to the new home is possible. A visit to the provider’s office with an Emirates ID and the new housing contract will enable them to make arrangements to send a technician to the new home to re-install the connection. A prior call to the service provider to confirm any charges involved would be a good idea.

3. Disconnect ADWEC Account in the old home: This is not transferrable and therefore should be cancelled at the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company. It is important to confirm that all bills incurred are paid before applying for cancellation so that the deposit paid to ADWEC is refunded in time.

4. Connect ADWEC in your new home: As per point three above, one should not forget that the new home will require the same services as the old one. Make the application for the new home, pay all the required deposits and get ready to start fresh. Remember this requires a registered tenancy contract and a valid residency visa as per point five below.

5. Register your Tenancy Contract also known as Tawtheeq: By law, one is required to register their tenancy contract with the Abu Dhabi Municipality and this can be done online. It is important to note that unregistered contracts will not be recognized by government departments such as ADWEC or even Etisalat. It will therefore be very difficult to apply for home services.

6. Get a moving permit: Depending on the landlord, it might be a requirement to procure an authorization note to move out or into a new building for security and coordination reasons. One should therefore confirm with their building management prior to the date to avoid inconveniences.

7. Book a painter: Housing contracts indicate whether it is a tenant’s or the landlord’s responsibility to paint the old house. It is recommended that the tenant reads the fine print in their contracts to make sure they have the information beforehand and to book a painter before they hand over the house keys.

8. Schedule a cleaning service: Moving is always a messy affair and it is always in good taste to leave a clean place behind. The moving day is the most appropriate to clean up and hand over the keys to the owner.

9. Switch off water and electrical connections: Safety is always key. Before leaving the old house, all power connections, lights, air conditioning and water should be turned off.

10. Get your deposit back: Once the above checklist is done and all personal effects are removed from the house, it is time to handover the key and get the house deposit back as specified in your contract.

MoveSouq.com is here to give you handy tips and any assistance you may require during this time, and can be reached at +97144229639 or support@movesouq.com.

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