Abu Dhabi Municipality to build street retail kiosk

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Sun, 08/09/2013 - 16:57
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Staff Reporter
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Abu Dhabi City Municipality today launched the tender of a new project for investors to install and operate street retail kiosks, vending machines and other facilities in the City’s public spaces. The project is to focus on providing Abu Dhabi’s waterfront, the city’s parks and principal thoroughfares with a range of amenities that will improve the outdoor public environment for residents and visitors.

The Municipality is aiming to provide Quality food, beverage and convenience services, throughout the city’s public realm to enhance the visitor experiences.

“This project will cater for the city’s increasing number of residents and visitors and will provide quality amenities in Abu Dhabi’s primary outdoor public spaces.” said Rashed Bin Ali Al Omaira, Advisor Investments and Assets for the General Manager’s Office at Abu Dhabi Municipality.

The scheme follows in the wake of similar successful projects implemented in other cities around the world, and will enhance the urban experience for residents and visitors. The Municipality has identified over 300 locations, both on Abu Dhabi Island and the Mainland that could benefit from the installation of kiosks.

These kiosks will offer services such as, food and beverage, convenience retail, ATM’s vending machines, bike racks and waste recyclables. The provision of these amenities will ensure increased numbers of pedestrian visitors to key parts of the city, particularly during the cooler winter months, and enhanced enjoyment of the facilities.

The kiosk scheme offers a fantastic opportunity to private investors able to propose the latest in design and technology for the implementation of street retail kiosks.

Abu Dhabi Municipality will be looking to work with two separate parties under an agreement that will be divided by geographical region. All bidders should ensure that their proposals positively contribute to beautification of the city.

A 10 year exclusivity framework agreement will be offered to finance, develop and operate kiosk concessions within Abu Dhabi Municipality’s public realm and directly lease the concessions to third parties.

Abu Dhabi Municipality is now inviting tender submissions. Further details will be announced in the near future.

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