Abu Dhabi Speed Camera Location List ...!

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Hello friends, after I got my first speed ticket in Abu Dhabi (600 AED), so I thought to list all the speed camera in Abu Dhabi, so other people can pay attention..If you have more please add it in the comments, also correct me if I am mistaken about any..
Here we go:

1- Corniche road (going to Marina Mall) opposite to Bainona Tower (70 km/ph)
2- Salam Street (going to/from Dubai) 500m after Saada street bridge (70 km/ph)
3- Khaleej Al Arabi road (going to Airport) after the second bridge (120 km/ph)
4- Airport road (towards Abu Dhabi) 1km before the second bridge (70 km/ph)
5- Khaleej Al Arabi road after the second intersection with Electra road (70 km/ph) not sure about the exact location..
6- Yas island street, Shiekh Khalifa bridge, two new looking radars, not sure of the speed yet
7- New camera on the way coming from Dubai, just before the new Shiekh Zayed bridge

Cameras in Abu Dhabi-Dubai road are setup on 160 km/ph till end of Abu Dhabi borders (60km) before Dubai, Dubai cameras are setup on (140 km/ph)

Also be aware of the Mobile cameras installed by police in different places, mostly in Airport road and AL Khaleej Al Arabi road, small black cameras...

Am sure there are more, but I can not remember all now.... please help me out guys...

Note: If you want to be safe just observe the speed limits... the list is just to be aware..

updated on 07-12-10

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Congratulation for your first ticket... you have to be more careful now,

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Sat, 24/01/2009 - 02:27


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I thought you never get ticket. How fast you drive? In Malaysia,normally they plus 10km/h from the speed limit. If you exceed the speed limit more than that you will get the ticket e.g. speed limit 90 km/h you drive 101km/h if below 100km/h you will not been summon. The compound 300 MYR. You still can get discount 50% if you go to the district Police station. Every summon you get (signed) they will convert it to point which will be put in your merit (account). the merit point will increase if you get another ticket. Soon when the merit point reach it limit (16 point), your licence will be suspended for 6 month. So how about there?

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Sat, 24/01/2009 - 05:23

I was driven 100km/h and then

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I was driven 100km/h and then surprise a flash came up.... there is a black points system everyone got 24 Points, but good thing that speed tickets got no points, points for things like breaking red lights... if you finish your 24 point you have to go through the license exam again..

I believe that my dreams will become true ONE DAY.....

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Sat, 24/01/2009 - 23:34


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There are many camera in Khaleej Arabi road, and I notice many of mobile camera there, the black one. careful next time bigboss.

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Wed, 28/01/2009 - 16:22

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