Rolls Royce creates exclusive car collection for Abu Dhabi

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Sat, 23/02/2013 - 20:01
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ABU DHABI — Luxury car maker Rolls Royce has created a bespoke collection of vehicles exclusively for Abu Dhabi and Al Ain in the UAE, local newspapers said on Thursday.

Rolls Royce designers took inspiration from Medieval Andalusia, the center of cultural exchange between Islam and Christianity in the middle ages, Al Arabiya said.

The series of cars has been named the ‘Rolls Royce Ghost Andalusia Motif’ and will be available via an exclusive local dealership only, it said, adding that only five of the models bearing the special motif will be produced globally, making this car a true stamp of luxury.

Each of the Andalusia cars cost 1.57 million dirhams and despite the price tag three of the cars were sold while still in production, according to the Dubai based Gulf News.

Each vehicle features a unique tread plate and comes with a personalized message; “Andalusia motif – one of five.”

“Arabs have historically and culturally taken pride in their method of transport, which is why stallions, horses and camels remain a big part of Arab culture whether through racing or breeding,” Kadhim Al-Helli, Rolls Royce brand manager at Abu Dhabi Motors was quoted by Gulf News saying.

The process of planning and manufacturing a bespoke or made-to-order Rolls Royce takes roughly six months from conceptualization to completion.

The mere design takes an average of 100 hours, including getting the car approved by those who commissioned it, Al Arabiya said.

The Andalusia series was created at the Rolls Royce assembly plant in the Sussex Downs at Goodwood, UK. — SG

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