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I have receive one job offer at ruwais oil & gas company. They offer me 6300dhs for the basic salary,some others allowances about 9000 dhs. I have a wife & one kid age 9 month. House, water & electricity will be paid by company. My question are :

1. How much I need to spend on groceries?

2. How much I need to spend on my kid?

3. Any other expenses I need to spend?

4. Is it worth to accept the offer?

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g0 ahead

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I think the offer is good, as long as company will provide you with a house, then nothin to worry about, groceries and other stuff are more expensive than before but according to the news it should go down, consider your mobile expenses and special life style, 100% worth it...

I believe that my dreams will become true ONE DAY.....

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Mon, 29/12/2008 - 08:11

nice offer

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I think it is a nice offer, as bigboss said if u have the house in Abu Dhabi so nothing will be a problem, what ever is your life style 15000 can be enough, YES ACCEPT IT

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Tue, 30/12/2008 - 09:31


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Thanks guys. Do you guys think from 15k I can save some?

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Thu, 22/01/2009 - 08:19


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i have got an offer of 18k dhs aprox...
n they will provide wi accomodation

how much is d monthly household expenses there in ruwais...?

i wll b moving with wife n 2 kids...

pls sum1 update me about it....

thanks guys...

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Mon, 21/10/2013 - 13:04

Well lucky you...18k dhs +

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Well lucky you...18k dhs + accommodation is more than enough...lets just say u just have to spend 3k dhs for basic needs only...Ruwais is somehow remote area here in abu dhabi thats why you wont worry expenses... Im sure school of your kids are also included.. Education and Accommodation are the most expensive here, in ur case its free then nothing to worry about..

I was also hoping that someday I'll be able to work in any of the ADNOC subsidiaries here in abu dhabi..T_T

Voxayen earned 9 points so far.
Mon, 21/10/2013 - 15:13

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