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Hello folks,

There are a lot of ADCO threads, however not many threads regarding job offers with ADMA OPCO. I am therefore starting this one so we can discuss any jobs or salary packages we are offered here. All the best to you on your search!

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Lump sum or salary plus benefits?

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I was lucky enough to receive a job offer for grade 14 with ADMA alhamdolillah. They have offered me two packages - either salary with benefits, or lump sum and cover everything myself. Can anyone guide me here which would be a better offer to choose from? A lot of the benefits in the salary package are about educational assistance etc., however I am not married and currently do not have kids. So it seems like it will be better for me to take the lump sum offer as I would redeem better. However, this way it seems like I would even have to cover medical insurance myself. Is that the right way to go? Anyone have experience about this?

Also, is it good idea to try negotiate with ADMA? Do they respond well to negotiation?

Best regards.

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Tue, 31/07/2012 - 05:54

Lump sum for unmarried!

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Dear Swervut,

Congrats for your selection. I have also been offered a job with ADMA (April 2012) and am waiting for my SC and visa.

I suggest you should go for the lump sum option primarily because you are unmarried, you will be blocking your money in way of education allowance etc otherwise. I was told that we can easily change this option even at a later stage so in case you dont like it, ask them to change it.

This forum has salary limits for ADNOC group companies, (posted by ebdoosh) please try and find it and compare what they have offered you with the limits mentioned therein. If you feel you are selling yourself short, there is no harm in countering their offer. However, do keep in mind the opportunities this job will open for you in the future :)


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Fri, 03/08/2012 - 08:39

ADMA job

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Hello Swervut/ harshsharma

Congrats to both of you.

I was also interviewed by ADMA a few weeks before.My Cv was forwarded to ADMA by a consultant and the consultant arranged the interview with ADMA.
Though the interview went well. I am yet to hear anything from them It was conducted in ADMA abu dhabi office. I have some queries.

1. In how much time generally they give interview result. Anyone of you who might have attended the interview in ABU dhabi might know better?

2. Some people tell they take a written test also.Is it true??
But i was not given any written test .Neither they collected any photo or certificates

I willbe thankful if you can reply and let the forum members also know.


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Thu, 30/08/2012 - 08:50

Patience Sumit :)

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Good to know that your interview went well.

1.) In my case, they had made me sign a form after the interview which was an acceptance of their offer. An email was sent to me around 10 days from the date of interview which had the terms of employment.

2.) Yes they do take a written test. However, it is very generic and I do not think it has much affect on the outcome of the interview.

My advise to you is please be patient, they usually take some time to get things done but they do get it done eventually.

Hope it was helpful.

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Thu, 30/08/2012 - 09:10

Thanks harsh

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Hello Harsh
Thanks for the update.

Only one thing, i guess you were interviewed in your country ( India probably). is it right? and there they come generally prepared for selecting candidates when conducting interview outside abu dhabi.

in my case they called me to AD from oman and interviewed me. There was no written test and they obviously didnt ask me to sign anything as nothing was final.

So if you were interviewed in your home country i guess there is no use asking if they collected your photos and certificates copies which they might have.

in any case if my guess is wrong and you were interviewed in Abu dhabi , please shed some light on these isssues.


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Thu, 30/08/2012 - 09:31

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