Allowances and Visas

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Dear All

My husband has just accepted a job in Abu Dhabi, however we are unsure how the allowances are paid. Are they paid upon supplying the employer with a receipt or is the agreed amount paid with your monthly salary without a receipt.

Secondly as the employer is sponsoring us, they have suggested that my husband arrive in UAE first, it will take approx 2 weeks for his passport to be stamped with the visa then he can apply for a visa for myself and our son which will take additional 3 - 4 weeks. We were all hoping to arrive at the same time i.e. my husband on a resident visa and myself and son on a visitors visa (which I understand is valid for up to 60 days) during which time our resident visa would also be granted. Let me know your thoughts on this.



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for the allowance normally they pay it either one time a year so it could cover the rent amount, or they will divide it on 12 months and sure it will be on the pay slip they provide.
The employer idea is good, for your husband to come first, so he can setup the house and transportation issue, then you follow him is much better FOR ME.
let us know more..

I believe that my dreams will become true ONE DAY.....

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Thu, 13/11/2008 - 09:03

Allowances and Visas

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Thanks Bigboss really appreciate your help.



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Fri, 14/11/2008 - 03:05


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Dear Sir,

I believe that as per UAE Law, gratuity is being paid to employees if they wish to disengage with their employment. Is it possible if you can give the length of service break down of gratuity? I have been working with my company in the Jebel Ali Free Zone for 14 years. What is the calculation of basic salary per year?

Thanking you.


Tue, 25/11/2008 - 10:41

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