Residence Visa Expiry Due to Stay away for more than 6 Months

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My son has a Abu Dhabi Residence Visa valid up to July 2014. He is moving to India for studies, and it will be 7 months before he comes back. I believe his residence visa will be automatically cancelled after 6 months outside. My questions are as follows:-
1. After his visa is automatically cancelled, can he apply for an Airline visa to come to UAE, or his visa needs to get again cancelled by me in the immigration, before he can enter again?
2. What happens to the Visa deposit, in cases where Visa gets automatically cancelled after six months?
3. Is it advisable for me to cancel his visa before its automatic cancellation, just to avoid hassle later?
4. I hear that in case of children, they can enter the country even if they stay away for more than six months, by paying some fine? Is it true? In such a case can he enter the country from Dubai? Can someone clarify this provision if available?

I will appreciate some advise in the above matter.

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