Latin Dance - Where to Learn Dancing Salsa?

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Salsa Class @ International Music Institute, Dance Studio, Abu Dhabi
Mezzanine 01, Khalidiya St. oppposite Grand Store. Please look for Ms. Cherryl, Receptionist for booking & payment, Office Tel. No.: 02-6211949 or direct call Brando at his mobile 050.515.50.34
Location map available at Www.salsawithbrando.coM

LEARN! LA Cuban Salsa with Brando, Janny & Virag
Our method of teaching salsa is simple and easy as being more fluid and more partner connective. In essence, it’s fun! It makes you understand fast the very fundamental steps that you can even start feeling your taps and dance into the music… It becomes natural! Learn to taps, bent knee, wiggle & moves and enjoy dancing in natural way...

We welcome people of all ages. As there is no need to have a partner, we welcome individuals as well as groups.

It’s a great place to meet people and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the class while keeping fit and having fun

A monthly package night class twice a week for the following levels:

Level 1 Beginner: Monday - 7:00 & Wednesday - 7:30
Level 2 Adv. Beginners Monday - 8:00 & Wednesday - 8:30
Level 3 Improvers: Tuesday - 8:00 & Thurdays - 8:00

LEARN! Cha-cha on2 Class with Brando & Virag
Every Tuesday: Beginner - 7:00 to 8:00pm

Limited space! So book your place early to avoid missing the course!

For more information visit Www.salsawithbrando.coM

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Thank you brando for the nice

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Thank you brando for the nice info

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Yes i am sure it'll be

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Yes i am sure it'll be helpful. thanks!

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Mon, 15/09/2008 - 15:05

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