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Hello fellas, yesterday i was in Abu Dhabi Mall, and i watch the Wacky n Wild team, like a free style basketball and bicycle rider, it is amazing, the moves they doing is great, well it was a little crowded but will be fun if you got a good view in the first floor, it is really an entertainment show, to break the normal boring mall visit. They will be there till 25th of this month, you can watch them 6pm to 8pm.

Have a good day everyone

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Ya, my friends told me about it, i may go to watch them today....

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Tue, 19/08/2008 - 09:04


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i saw them the other day, they are real nice, but the mall was crowded around them,,,, should get there early

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Tue, 19/08/2008 - 11:07

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