daman expired

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can i ask about my daman problem....i will finish contract this january 27 2011...one of my friends tell me that he pay less than 4000 dirhams in his daman because he not renew his daman for 1 year already..my case is i never hold my daman card..and i know my employer not renew that..i will go home in my end of contract...and i want to comeback for another employer again after my vacation...is my not renewable of daman can affect my comeback again here? or is the imigraton in airport will give fine if i go philipines already?..do my emlployer need to pay that before i finish my contract?...please reply me..it can help me a lot...THANK U AND GOD BLESS

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Is your visa from Abu Dhabi? As far as I know, Employer is responsible for your Health Insurance, and you got nothing to do with it, in case there is a fine, he should pay it. let me ask you, how long you have been in Abu Dhabi? how come you dont have your health insurance card with you? what if you got sick, what you do?

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Tue, 21/12/2010 - 21:24

daman expired

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hi...yes my visa is here in abu dhabi..im going 2 years this end of january...i get to my employer the card before but he said he lost it thats why i never hold it...thank GOD that i never have major sick here..thats why i never go to the doctor....my question is ,,DO MY EMPLOYER NEED TO PAY THE ONE YEAR EXPIRED DAMAN BEFORE I GO HOME? IS THIS CAN AFFECT WHEN I COMEBACK IF THEY WILL NOT PAY IT NOW?....

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Wed, 22/12/2010 - 20:15

If there is fines, then your

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If there is fines, then your sponsor should pay it, even if you left and came back, but it wont be your problem as Daman will ask the sponsor not the employee, I suggest you make sure by contacting them, toll free 800 32626, and let us know what they tell you

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Thu, 23/12/2010 - 08:50

thank you for your

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thank you for your information ..it can help me a lot..i will go to the daman office to make sure about this...i will inform you what they say..

thank you again and GOD BLESS

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Thu, 23/12/2010 - 12:28

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