Help Regarding Abu Dhabi E-Permit Rejection 4 times

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I am a Muslim first, and Pakistani then. Whoever I am, I am a medical doctor as well, who sees no borders of religion, caste, creed, or color. A doctor is the only profession in the world, I guess, who is free from these prejudices. I visited UAE in September last year (2015) on One Month Visit visa issued from Dubai. I stayed at Dubai primarily, but almost everyday, went out to search for Job in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, mostly frequenting the hospitals. Fortunately enough, I got a job with good package in reputable hospital of Abu Dhabi. I had to come back home for further documentation and filing to be performed. My hospital applied for my E-Permit, but it was rejected, citing the reason that my passport picture wasn't clear. The second time I sent them a much more clearer copy, even then, it was rejected for the second time without reason. The hospital applied for 3rd time, yet again it was rejected citing no reasons. My hiring hospital then told me they had to stop the process at that, and close my file, since my visa was frequently rejected. Status as of now, I lost a prestigous job! I then tried to obtain Dubai visit visa, to go to UAE immigration and talk to them in person, so that they could verify my clearance. Even this time again, it was rejected. I am speechless as to what to say and do about this, since I did what I could have done. I sent my grievances to UAE Ambassador in Pakistan through email, but got no response. Any suggestions would be be highly valued.

Dr. Ahmed

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