Drivers fined, 3,199 vehicles impounded in Abu Dhabi

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Sun, 08/12/2013 - 16:18
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Thousands of vehicles have been seized from roads in the capital this year after cops found they were fitted with old and worn-out tyres.

Abu Dhabi Traffic and Patrols Directorate said it impounded 3,199 vehicles with bad tyres during the first 10 months of 2013.

Police said two people have been killed and scores injured in tyre-related accidents on roads in Abu Dhabi’s Outer Region so far this year.

Colonel Hamad Nasser Al Balushi, director of traffic in Abu Dhabi’s Outer Region, said: “Accidents due to bad tyres are among the deadliest on roads.
“Tyre bursting is mainly caused by old or worn-out tyres, low-quality tyres, bad storage and high air pressure.” He added that the UAE’s hot climate can also cause problems for tyres.

“The roads can get very hot, which can cause the tyres to explode, especially when a vehicle is speeding,” he said.
He noted that tyres unfit for use on the roads are a main cause of vehicles overturning.
“Motorists should check their cars, especially before setting off on long journeys, and fit new tyres,” said Al Balushi.
He warned that motorists caught driving cars with faulty tyres would be slapped with fines. He warned all motorists to have their vehicles inspected regularly to avoid such fines.
Motorists who are caught using old and worn-out tyres will be fined Dhs200. The offending vehicle may also be impounded for one week.
A fine of Dhs500 is imposed on a heavy vehicle caught with bad tyres, with the vehicle also impounded for one month.

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