Dubai's RTA to scrap Salik cap on July 15

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Wed, 03/07/2013 - 08:22
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Press Release

The daily cap on Salik charges, Dubai's road-toll system, will be scrapped from July 15, the emirate's Roads and Transport Authority has announced.

The decision was designed to encourage motorists to use alternative roads, such as Al Khail Road and Mohammed bin Zayed Road, to ease traffic congestion, the RTA said in a statement.

The current maximum total that could be accrued in one day is AED24, the equivalent of passing a Salik toll gate six times.

The government said the change would affect only 5% of Salik users.

“The RTA stressed that the decision would only affect a tiny segment of toll gate users and the ordinary user of these gates would not feel an effect for this decision since 95% of private vehicles do not pass under Salik gates more than 6 times a day,” the statement said.

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