More paid parking zones in Abu Dhabi by Mawaqif

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Mon, 04/07/2011 - 07:23
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Khaleej Times

Few more locations in Abu Dhabi will fall under Mawaqif, the paid parking management of the Department of Transport from? July 3.

Sectors E18-1, E18-2 and? E18-3 are located between Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum Street and Al Salam Street, and between Hazza bin Zayed Street and Al Falah Street.

Paid parking service will apply in these areas from 8am to 10pm, Saturday to Thursday. The charges will be Dh3 per hour for premium parking (curbstones painted in turquoise and white) with a maximum permitted parking duration of four hours, and Dh2 per hour or Dh15 per day for standard parking (curbstones painted in turquoise and black).

Parking will be free on official holidays. However, cars parked illegally will be fined at any point of time. Mawaqif users are encouraged to observe timings, rules and regulations posted on the signs at each Mawaqif sector. The signs also display general information and instructions about Mawaqif.

Resident parking permits will be provided by Mawaqif customer service centres to residents in the newly assigned areas, allowing them to park in available standard parking spaces in the vicinity of their residence.

This permit is available to owners or tenants and first of kin residing with them, such as mother, father, wife, husband, children, brothers and sisters.

A maximum of two permits are allowed per household and each permit must be sector and vehicle-specific.

To apply for a parking permit, residents must submit copies of their passport with valid residency visa; leasing contract or residency ownership proof, last water and electricity bill, proof of vehicle ownership and relationship of the vehicle owner, if different from the tenancy contract. Annual fees for the resident permits are Dh800 for the first vehicle and Dh1,200 for the second vehicle. Click here for Mawaqif offices location.

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