The Real Madrid Foundation opens an academy in Abu Dhabi

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Real Madrid President Florentino Perez inaugurated the FRM-Baniyas Academy in the faclities of the Arab club. The academy will bring 400 boys and girls together through sports. "This social sports academy is now a reality and it fills us with pride," said the President, "Thank you all for your enthusiasm to make such a fantastic project a reality." The Real Madrid Premier also opened the first of the Foundation's Congress for the Formation of Sports Monitors in the Middle East.

Florentino Perez
"We have the enormous responsibility of transmitting the values that have established Real Madrid as a unique and universal club from one generation to another. Talent, loyalty, respect, team effort, hard work and solidarity are the indestructible principles we stand for. This academy fills us with pride and you will be in charge of instilling these principles and of teaching the Real Madrid legacy."

"What's important is that you children have the right tools to allow you to grow up in the best possible conditions. Acts like these underline our social compromise and our loyalty towards those who permanently share their passion for us."


The speech was followed by a clinic in which the children played football. Florentino Perez greeted them, handed out gifts and posed with them for pictures.

The inauguration was followed by the opening of the Foundation's Congress for the Formation of Sports Monitors in the Gulf under the banner "They play, we educate." The congress brings together over 40 coaches from Jordan, UAE and Saudi Arabia. It is a pioneering programme aimed at the coaches from the social sports academies. Its objective is to instill the values and principles of said academies in its students.


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