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The Emirates Identity Authority has announced the provision of an ID card renewal service through the Emirates ID-authorized typing offices across the UAE, effective from February 3, 2011.

In a press release, the Emirates Identity Authority explained that the renewal service would be applicable to all UAE nationals and residents with expired ID cards, noting that their possession of ID cards is a fundamental condition for completing renewal at the present time.

This new decision comes as part of the initiatives and projects contained in the Emirates Identity Authority's new strategy 2010-2013 and the registration plan emanating from it which places customer satisfaction on top of its priorities.

By this new initiative, the Emirates Identity Authority seeks to ease procedures for the UAE population and enable them to renew ID cards through typing offices without the need for them to check with the Emirates ID-affiliated registration centers.

Under the new decision, the UAE population interested in renewing their ID cards will check with the typing offices with the old ID cards in their possession and select the renewal service before filling out the ID card renewal form and getting the required documents scanned.

Required Documents
The documents required for filling out the ID card renewal form in the typing offices are the same as those required for registration for ID cards.
UAE nationals are required to submit each an original summary of civil status and a valid original passport. This comes as part of the agreement recently concluded between the Emirates Identity Authority and Ministry of Interior where the latter will change and unify the designations of tribes as per the new list so that the name printed in the ID card will match the name printed in the new ePassport, which will take effect this year.

Residents are required each to provide the following documents: a valid original passport and a valid residence while Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) citizens are required to provide each a valid original passport and any original document substantiating the holder's residence in the UAE such as an employment certificate, a marriage deed, a lease contract, a property deed or any other document showing that the holder is engaged in trade or study etc.

Renwal Fees
As far as the ID card renewal fees are concerned, UAE national will pay AED100 each while GCC citizens will pay AED100 per each of ID card years for a maximum limit of 5 years and UAE residents AED100 each per each year of residence, irrespective of the remaining period of his/her residence, in addition to AED70 in fees of the services provided by the typing office.

The Emirates Identity Authority expects the ID card renewal through typing offices will alleviate the pressure experienced by the Emirates ID's affiliated registration centers due to the fact that ID card renewal is completed in the typing offices without the need for an applicant to check with the registration center in order for his/her fingerprints and photo to be taken, considering that the fingerprints and photo taken during the first ID card registration process will be approved for use.

It is worth mentioning that ID card renewal will not require those with expired ID cards to be present for their fingerprints and photos to be taken. It will be enough for them to fill out the ID card renewal form in the typing offices. However, if an applicant's fingerprints taken during the ID card registration fail to live up to the required quality standards, the said applicant will be asked to check with the Emirates ID-affiliated registration centers by means of a printed message to this effect which will appear on the form that has been filled out in the typing offices so that his/her fingerprints are taken again.

They will be also advised by an SMS of the date fixed for taking their fingerprints and which Emirates ID-affiliated registration center they should check with. Children who have completed 15 years of age will be treated in the same way, enabling them to check with the registration centers where their fingerprints and photos will be taken so that their ID card renewal procedures would be completed.

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