5,176 vehicles with bad tyres impounded in Abu Dhabi

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Tue, 26/05/2015 - 12:54
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Gulf News

Abu Dhabi Police seize vehicles over safety violations.
Motorists pushing the envelope with worn or balding tyres on their vehicles pay heed.
Increased inspections to nab motorists using faulty tyres are yielding results, Abu Dhabi Police said in a statement on Friday.
Traffic and Patrols Directorate staff at Abu Dhabi Police said thousands of vehicles have been confiscated when found with tyres with little tread.

In fact, approximately 5,176 vehicles with worn out tyres were confiscated during the first quarter of this year, said police.
Major Salah Abdullah Al Hemairi, Chief of the Al Ain Traffic Section, stressed that the crackdown is critical for road safety.
“The campaigns carried out by the section to stop offenders who drive their vehicles with old and worn-out tyres aims to preserve their lives and the safety of other road users,” Major Al Hemairi said. “Motorists found to be driving vehicles with tyres in poor condition were punishable by a fine of Dh200 and their vehicle was confiscated for seven days.”
Major Al Hemairi emphasised that the outreach programs will continue in order to raise awareness among drivers about the importance of using top quality and reliable tires. The programs include outreach campaigns carried out by the Education Patrols, to promote awareness among motorists, as well as inspection visits to tire dealers and shops, and distribution of awareness brochures to guide them and educate them.
Major Al Hemairi encouraged drivers to follow the correct instructions to ensure the safety of their vehicles’ tyres by checking the validity of the tyre frame, the measured temperature tolerance, and the appropriate cargo-load of the tyres; in order to ensure their own safety and the safety of others.
With hot summer temperatures approaching, faulty tyres run higher risk of bursting putting others at risk who share the road with the offending drivers, police said.

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