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Abu Dhabi Living is an online community aims to be a gathering place for people living or interested in Abu Dhabi Capital of UAE.
The idea of Abu Dhabi Living is to give the chance for people to communicate and discuss relevant issues and concerns in Abu Dhabi - be it for a Traveler or Employee. Tell us what you think of the latest issues. Share with us your fruitful and rewarding experiences in Abu Dhabi.
We want to help everyone work and have fun in this beautiful city. Here's your place to announce meet-ups,events, post your FREE classifieds, ask about your concerns and more.
Abu Dhabi Living was established on March 2008, and so far we served over 1,500,000 page.

2013 Average Monthly Statistics
> Average Monthly Visits: 19000
> Average Total pageviews: 32000
> Average time on site: 00:02:12
> Monthly New visits: 73.60%
> Over 165,000 click on Google

2012 Average Monthly Statistics
> Average Monthly Visits: 18000
> Average Total pageviews: 35000
> Average time on site: 00:02:14
> Monthly New visits: 74.80%
> Over 155,000 click on Google

2011 Average Monthly Statistics
> Average Monthly Visits: 14900
> Average Total pageviews: 32000
> Average time on site: 00:02:09
> Monthly New visits: 81.07%
> Over 120,000 click on Google

2010 Average Monthly Statistics
> Average Monthly Visits: 11000
> Average pageviews: 30000
> Average time on site: 00:02:30
> Monthly New visits: 83%
> Over 100,000 click on Google

Targeted Audience
Abu Dhabi Living members and visitors are multicultural, multinational and with different ages but they are all looking for one thing in common "UAE and Abu Dhabi", so if you are running a business in UAE or targeting UAE and Abu Dhabi audience, then you have to consider advertising with us.
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Available advertising options:

1 - Premium Advertisement
We offer direct advertising plans, you can rent a space in our website and use it either for you or your customers, Rates can be on monthly basis or CPM based (1000 impression), check our offered ads formats below. By choosing this option of advertising you will be eligible to benefit from our monthly special offers. For more info please contact us.

Ads Formats and Rates

Banner Style Dimension Per CPM  Monthly Placement
Skyscraper 160 X 600 10 $ 120 $ Full Site
Standard banner 460 X 60 7 $ 80 $ Full Site
Square 300 X 250 7 $ 80 $ Full Site
Killer Square 336 X 280 10 $ 120 $ Contents Only
Leaderboard 728 X 90 10 $ 120 $ Full Site

Simple Ads rules and conditions
> No alcohol, nudies or cigarette companies. Simply we have to respect UAE traditions
> No spam ads (Fake products)
> CPM based Ads order should be minimum of 5 CPM
> All Payment should be done on advanced, Cash, cheque or bank transfer (AED or USD)
> Available files format (SWF, JPG, PNG, GIF)
> Special offers for non-profit organizations based in UAE
> Rates Valid till End of 2014

2 - Advertorial Articles:
Provide your written content relevant to UAE or Abu Dhabi, promoting your company, events or the range of your products and services.
We will promote it to the main page and include a link to your site, photos, prices list, location map, etc.

> Rates
> 1 week on the top of main page : 100$
> 2 weeks on the top of main page : 150$
> 1 Month on the top of main page : 200$

Please note that after the period of the ad is finished, the article will remain in our site for six months but no longer on the front page.

3 - Page Sponsoring:
We also offer you to sponsor our site pages that match your business the most, you may sponsor a pageor a full category, according to your business needs.
Sponsored pages will include your ads only, full page background can be provided as well.

> Rates
> Sponsoring one page: 50$ (per month)
> Sponsoring two pages: 75$ (per month)
> Sponsoring three pages: 100$ (per month)
> Sponsoring four pages or more: 30$ (per page per month)

4 - Social Media Ads:
Abu Dhabi Living is available on Facebook and Twitter with over 8000 followers, we can promote your business through posts and tweets to promote your business offers and events. Contact us for details.

To place your order or require more information please do not hesitate to Contact Us here

Prices Last updated on 01 April 2015

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